Helen Zebedee

Experience and a fresh perspective

I am a life-long social justice activist and former PSAC component national officer. I joined UNE in 2014 following workforce adjustment and became active in my new union almost right away.  This is my first time at a UNE convention, and I would be honoured to represent you in any capacity.

I am putting myself forward for Assistant RVP NS and Human Rights Representative or alternate.  I support Mike LeBlanc for RVP, otherwise I would run for that position.

J'entends très bien le français, mais je suis peu habituée a le parler.  Plus gênée que bavarde d'habitude, j'aimerais bien avoir l'occasion d'améliorer ma langue parlée.

Union experience

Activism and volunteer experience

Life outside the Union

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelenZebedee

Please note that there was a misunderstanding about my environmental allergies during the registration process, and I may need to distance myself when food is being served.  Your understanding is appreciated!

Thank you for reading my tree-free brochure!