How the Zebedees arrived in Canada

Zebedee, James

In the photo to the left you will see James Zebedee, Bill’s great great grandfather.  James was born in 1858 in England to John Charles Zebedee and Fanny Dale.  Fanny had a child, Henry, before she married John.


John was killed in a work accident in February 1868, when he fell from a scaffold.  It was widely publicized in local papers.


Fanny would die in September 1868, from erysipela.  At the time of her death she, James and Henry, lived in the Poor House on Shaftesbury St in Fordingbridge, Southampton, England.


James and Henry were placed in the care of the Southampton Board of Guardians.  From there, they were placed in the care of Ms Annie MacPherson, who ran several distribution centres in Canada.  This was before the Home Children.


In 1871 James, and later that year, Henry, would be sent to Canada to live at Marchmont Homes in Belleville, Ontario.


This is the story of many branches on a tree.

Bill’s lineage

1. Robert Roper Zebedee & Elizabeth (Finch)
2. William Roper Zebedee & Joan ?
3. John Zebedee & Mary Peardon
4. John Roper Zebedee & Christobel ?
5. William Roper Zebedee & Elizabeth Angerst
6. William Roper Zebedee & Rebecca Shearing
7. John Silvester & Mary Zebedee
8. John Charles Zebedee & Fanny Dale
9. James Zebedee & Margaret Burton
10. Gilbert Wellington Zebedee & Dorathy Robson Lockie
11. William Wellington Zebedee & Nora Ilene Archer
12. William Wellington Zebedee & Helena Faye Semeniuk


That brings us to Bill, who has married Helen Rachel Thomas; whose family tree is also included on this page.


Have not been able to find Christobel or Joan.


The research continues.